jewelry by gerri

Bold, one-of-a-kind jewelry for fearless ladies.


Style & Inspiration

Welcome to this curated collection! I combine my love of water and jewelry with my unique perspective on life and design. I am a water sign, Cancer, and being by, in, or on the water has always been refreshing and revitalizing for me. Whether it is a day at the lake, or rafting down the river one weekend, or even cruising on the ocean, the ever changing moods of water fascinate me.

The feel and unique colors of those places and the water there are what inspire me. When I visit different areas I always try to bring home bits and pieces that will remind me of that area. The gemstones in the jewelry I create have been gathered from near and far. I believe that the combinations of colors and textures in the jewelry I create will help to feed your soul and keep you connected to the beauty and force of nature that is water.

100% Handmade

I selected each stone individually while on my travels throughout the United States and the Caribbean. You’ll find no cookie cutter, mass-produced baubles here—only earrings, necklaces and bracelets that have been handcrafted through dozens of hours of reflection, perusal, and meticulous assembly.

I want everyone to embrace their individuality and remember: Life’s too short to wear boring jewelry!

About the Artist

I call the landlocked suburbs of Kansas City home. I am active with local historic conservation efforts and serve my community as an alderperson. I enjoy yearly trips to the ocean and of course, spending time with my wonderful family. I have a fantastic husband, 3 wonderful kids, and 4 amazing granddaughters.